Our Vision

Our vision here at NuYou is to help you achieve your desired body composition and then most importantly arm you with the knowledge and tools to sustain it.

There is so much conflicting information online of what you should and should not eat and so many quick fix diets. You deprive yourself of certain food groups, social situations and end up hungry, tired and stressed. Yes you may see some short term changes but ultimately end up putting the weight back on only to start the cycle again.

NuYou is different we are not going to tell you to not eat carbohydrates, alcohol, ice cream or other indulgences but we are going to educate you in an overall balanced approach to nutrition and teach you how to make some simple, delicious and nutritious recipes to help you achieve your goals.

At less than $1 a day why would you not want to give it go!

Why NuYou works

We at NuYou understand you are busy and have social, work commitments so we make it simple with practical delicious recipes that even the most amateur cook can create.

The personalised meal plans are specific for you telling you exactly what quantity of ingredients you need to use with easy to follow along instructions. They do not include expensive supplements of fancy expensive ingredients but affordable food you can find in every supermarket. We don’t restrict you from eating out, having an indulgence or even carbohydrates. Yes you can lose weight while eating carbs!!

Alongside the meal plans we look to educate you on handy tricks and tips while preparing food and also dispel the common myths around food to educate you so you can sustain the NuYou you will become.

What you get for under a $1 a day

  • A personalised nutrition plan tailored to your goals that evolves and changes during your weight loss journey.
  • Access to healthy, easy to cook recipes that are personalised for your specific calorie needs and macros (protein, carbohydrates, fats)
  • Education program to help you understand what you eat and provide you with the tools to sustain your new habits
  • Join a community of like minded people

AND for a limited time only an initial 30 minute consult with an accredited sports nutritionist upon joining and then a regular fortnightly check in.

All this for only $29 per month!


The results are clear in just 12 weeks, Mark lost an incredible 10kg by following the simple meal plan and education program. Now 6 months later he is still at the same weight after embedding foundational habits that are introduced on the program and still has the freedom to eat the food he enjoys.